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grahamGraham Davies Watercolour and Oil Painting Artist based in London

Born in 1963 in Southeast London, I am a self taught artist and have been painting since I was around 10 years old. I have been blessed with a talent that enables me to bring to life people and places.

I have a special affection for London and its scenery but above all, it is the river that attracts me. The light and dark of the sky and the water, the boats, the people and all those shades that make the Thames such a magical place.

I will always paint because it enables me to escape the daily toil; bringing to life special places and making permanent often transient memories.

If you wish to share some of this experience, the Gallery has a range of my work but I would also be very happy to take on commissions, if there is something, someone or somewhere special that you want me to paint just for you.